Box Time

In My Brain

Box Time's new single, In My Brain is out now in all the places you can usually find music.

A fizzy, shimmering piece of summery pop rock perfection with a chorus so catchy it's already stuck in your head, you just don't know it yet.

Featuring Box Time's first ever Music Video, filmed Pre-Covid.

Another Excuse

'Fast, insightful and damned furious.' - Nicole Mendes, Turtle Tempo.

'While the lyrics are full of pent-up frustration, they also leave you feeling hopeful that you can change things in your own life.' - Claudia Mendes, The Other Side Reviews

'With a bold and enigmatic direction, that also borrows heavily from the Britpop scene, 'Another Excuse' brings their raw and raucous energy to the forefront on this stomping new offering. With catchy hooks and soaring vocals throughout, their newest release cements them as one of the more exciting names to emerge from the capital of late.' - Chris Bound, Mystic Sons.

'Everything we want from an indie-rock track and more.' - Fred Bambridge, It's All Indie.

Next October

Box Time's first single, a bodacious ode. Slip on your shades, get behind the wheel of a convertable and let the retro yet surpisingly fresh vibe fill you up, dude.

Miles Across

Primal energy meets math rock. Great tune, unfortunately not a great mix.

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